"I'm just Jana. I make mistakes, I laugh, I get confrontational but at the end of the day I am authentic and cool. That's all I want to show everyone. I am in my own world and I feel if I stay busy then I will meet my goals. Not everyone can have the same mindset as me to be working towards something and want it so bad. Most are statisics by the time they get in their twenty's. Me I don't worry about that or how the next person is eating. I am working towards my goals and at the end of the day I know I will reach my goals if I continue going the route I am going."
Jana Nicole Pauldo~ The Princess of Literature
Everyone makes changes in their lives every single day. I always [believed] in the saying that nothing last forever because nothing stays the same. As I move forward and transition I’ve learned to not worry if people accept me or not.

Some people believe that I am this quiet and innocent girl. However, it’s not that I try to portray that I’m innocent or shy it’s just that I have an image to uphold.

No, I am not quiet or shy. I would consider myself the life of the party when I get comfortable around people that are trying to get to know me. Everyone who knows Jana knows that I am very silly, cool, crazy fun and easy to get along with.

I have been known for my temper back in the day and acting off emotion but I don’t do that anymore. But I really have to be pushed to that point to go off the way I have in the past.

I believe I haven’t really came out my shell truthfully because the females that I have got to know may have manipulated me into believing they do this and they do that when really they don’t do shi* so I think it’s just that I don’t have time for BS like back in the day.

So to a new beginning in 2013… I will start coming out of my shell more and not being that quiet innocent girl that people see me as because I know as an author people want to get to know who Jana is. It’s not that I have always considered myself quiet I just think I am VERY observant and private meaning I don’t share a lot. Such as about my love life or how I am feeling.

I always play around about my love life and throw random things in like I am dating this guy or that guy but not really. Because to be honest I work so much I honestly don’t have time to date or do what most twenty something year olds do. And, that’s especially if I want my house and Lexus and to be writing full time and working towards my first television show by the end of this year so I have to stay working.

But this is just to let everyone know I am very cool and down to earth and I just be in my own world most of the time. So all I can do is give you me and as I grow you will see me grow.

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo


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