This is for the ones who feel like nobody and the ones who were abandoned.

Who I Am?

There was a plan in my pain.

I was once a victim of being bullied. Every single year in school and I was also the black sheep in my family. Mental abuse shattered my life. But I am healed now. I use to think life was worthless but I know I am not here by mistake. Why I felt worthless? When I felt worthless it was because I was teased so bad and done wrong by many. I cried and cried but now it all worked for my good. I look at the same people who judged me or talked about me and realize how bless I am. God saved me with his grace and by FAITH I am still here. I dreaded going to school every single day and I didn’t have any friends. I felt so alone. I always thought maybe something was wrong with me but I know it wasn’t me. I have an amazing talent that MANY are not blessed with. I am letting go of the pain because it’s more to me than what the eyes can see. Words truly do hurt especially when it comes from those closest to you.

But I have to realize people are stuck in their situations for a reason and I have to just keep looking above and thanking the ALL for all he has done for me. For keeping my mind. For reminding me that I have a purpose. I know I am unique in my own way. I always felt like I was different from others and maybe that’s why I was picked on so bad. It’s nothing wrong with me at all. I have so much passion for everything I do and Ive always kept myself together over the years even when I was abandoned.

Now I am on my way to who I am supposed to be and I am still being changed and I wouldn’t ask for it any kind of way. Compared to others I am winning.

Just like YOU, I have been talked about and mentally abused to the point where I would have rathered died but don’t give up. I have been where you at. Whether it’s friends, family, relationship issues, you will get through it. Just keep focus and I promise you will come out a survivor and a winner.

I am so far from perfect but I know I am not here by mistake.

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo

Ask yourself today, what are you grateful for?

"You shouldn’t just exist make sure you are living. I believe…You can’t wait for something exciting to happen you have to be exciting. Don’t just exist because you’re here in flesh but live every day to your fullest ability in greatness."  

I believe everyday will be greater than my past and I will stay passionate about life!

I believe...When God restores, He dosen't bring you out the same. He pays you back for everything you lost." Joel Osteen
"I'm just Jana. I make mistakes, I laugh, I get confrontational but at the end of the day I am authentic and cool. That's all I want to show everyone. I am in my own world and I feel if I stay busy then I will meet my goals. Not everyone can have the same mindset as me to be working towards something and want it so bad. Most are statisics by the time they get in their twenty's. Me I don't worry about that or how the next person is eating. I am working towards my goals and at the end of the day I know I will reach my goals if I continue going the route I am going."
Jana Nicole Pauldo~ The Princess of Literature
Everyone makes changes in their lives every single day. I always [believed] in the saying that nothing last forever because nothing stays the same. As I move forward and transition I’ve learned to not worry if people accept me or not.

Some people believe that I am this quiet and innocent girl. However, it’s not that I try to portray that I’m innocent or shy it’s just that I have an image to uphold.

No, I am not quiet or shy. I would consider myself the life of the party when I get comfortable around people that are trying to get to know me. Everyone who knows Jana knows that I am very silly, cool, crazy fun and easy to get along with.

I have been known for my temper back in the day and acting off emotion but I don’t do that anymore. But I really have to be pushed to that point to go off the way I have in the past.

I believe I haven’t really came out my shell truthfully because the females that I have got to know may have manipulated me into believing they do this and they do that when really they don’t do shi* so I think it’s just that I don’t have time for BS like back in the day.

So to a new beginning in 2013… I will start coming out of my shell more and not being that quiet innocent girl that people see me as because I know as an author people want to get to know who Jana is. It’s not that I have always considered myself quiet I just think I am VERY observant and private meaning I don’t share a lot. Such as about my love life or how I am feeling.

I always play around about my love life and throw random things in like I am dating this guy or that guy but not really. Because to be honest I work so much I honestly don’t have time to date or do what most twenty something year olds do. And, that’s especially if I want my house and Lexus and to be writing full time and working towards my first television show by the end of this year so I have to stay working.

But this is just to let everyone know I am very cool and down to earth and I just be in my own world most of the time. So all I can do is give you me and as I grow you will see me grow.

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo

Hey Blog Readers!

My theme song for today is, “Brand New Me” by Alicia Keys

First I want to give a very special shout out to my girl and #1 singer Mary J. Blige! She is a perfect example of a phenomenal woman! An inspiration to me since I was a little girl. When I first heard a Mary record, I just knew entertainment is where I belonged. Her story is so unexplainable from me because only she has the words for what she has been through. Happy Birthday Mary!!!

I hope everyone has a bless and safe weekend. Today on my blog I am talking about walking by faith and not by sight. Just because we cannot see it right now does not mean it isn’t going to happen.

When circumstances seem out of control and you feel as though nothing is going to work out just keep your faith because God will give you favor in any area and we must continue to trust Him knowing that HE will do it.

Just keep Him first because He is with you in all your troubles. Even though you may feel like you failing it is a set up for a promotion- I promise.

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo

Learn The Hard Way [A Look Into My Novel] Scared of Lonely

¯¯My theme song for today is, “We All Want Love” By Rihanna ¯¯

I once heard a quote that said, “You Don’t Know Nothing Unless You Were There.”

#humble #thankful #blessed is what I always am. So, today on my blog I am talking about my book a little and the message.
 No one on this Earth should judge or criticize anyone because no one has a HALO on their head. However, if a story could help someone and lift them up in a positive way then I recommend it. I wrote Scared of Lonely back in the spring of 2012. I was rejected by three publishing houses before I signed to Delphine Publications. We all want and strive for something. Mine was to get a book deal. Not only did I get blessed in that area but I also was blessed in other areas. But the gift that I have really been blessed with is writing.

I’ve learned from just openly writing no matter what I write I will always receive criticism or questions like other writers might get of if this is true or that is true. Do I care about what they think? No. I listened to Joyce Meyers and she said because of some things she talked about she was accused of saying she was without sin. Now imagine if she would have just gave up because she listened to what everyone said about what she wrote to help others. Hmmmm… I don’t think she would be the Joyce she is today. I admire her on so many levels.

Everyone isn’t going to agree with every decision you make or what you decide to put out there to the world but it isn’t up to them. Not your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle or cousin. As long as it makes {Insert Name Here} happy that is all that matters. We always tend to do what we feel and that isn’t always a good thing because it could be a wrong behavior but if you know in your heart that what you was doing was not to start any mess then that is all that matters. You want to enjoy your success but success always comes with that bitterness we all want to avoid. People are always going to look at the bad no matter how much good comes with it and I just learned that the wiser and older I get.

Now on another positive note, lets talk about my upcoming novel Scared of Lonely!

Is love really for those willing to fight on the battlefield ready for war at any time?

In the story, Sharise Watkins learns the hard way about being in a relationship with her half-brother. She claims it’s where her heart is suppose to be. It’s her brother so she’s with it. Sharise knows in her mind it isn’t right but she continues to love her brother pass sisterly love no matter how bad it tears her up…

Sharise lacked love and because she did she had NOTHING. She lacked love for her daughter and neglected her. Something rooted deep down in her caused her to be in a battle with blind love that wasn’t unconditional even though she thought it was the right kind of love. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone or learn how to love the right way.

Everyone wants love in some kind of way. But Sharise suffered because she had no happiness and was miserable.

However, you reap what you sow especially if it isn’t right in God’s eyes and trust me it comes right back around for Sharise.

I continuously get asked are my stories based on real life.

How else will writers become aspired to write? This is reality and that’s all I know. But I have a big imagination and I love to entertain so that’s all that matters is that my readers get a good story delivered to them and that I am happy with the finish product before it gets out. But to answer the question, no it’s not real. LoL. No one is in my mind but me so as Joyce Meyers said it does not matter what anyone thinks because you cannot be a people pleaser or you will definitely end up being miserable because people will always be critical.

“I always have a concept of reality.”

Is this book a series?

Scared of Lonely isn’t part of a series. I try not to write to be continued books. I want to venture off and experience with other characters not the same ones redundantly all the time so no there will be no other continuation to this story.

In Scared of Lonely we learn that love is painful and I am not talking about being in relationships. This story deals with family, children, and a girl who is dying to be loved by a man that she is willing to settle to be with her brother. 

What exactly is a negative story? No one story is positive or perfect. People have to stop being hypocritical because I gurantee if you share your own story it wasn’t always positive even if there was a BIG blessing in the end or after the storm, Where did you start to get to where you at and what God blessed you with? Don’t boast because just as God give He can also taketh away. And if your with the Bible then just look at some of those stories in there God gave to people to write. Now ask yourself, didn’t you learn from the negative and the positive. 

Scared of Lonely coming 03.12.13

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo

"If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome."
 Michael Jordan

“Fear of Rejection”

What is the foundation of security? A sense of security is something everyone needs and desires. Security enables you to enjoy healthy thinking and living. It means you feel safe, accepted, and approved of. When we are secure we approve of ourselves. We have confidence and we love ourselves in a balance way.  

If we are confident in our self we don’t need the approval of others. Security enables us to reach the max of our full potential and fulfill our destiny we were placed here for. The lack of self-confidence torments us. We must also know that we are not perfect.

“I am valuable only to myself and not by others opinions.”

Don’t walk around feeling like you’re not where you should be. Insecurities stem from looking at our weaknesses. You want to enjoy your life and that begins with accepting who you are. No, we will not behave perfect all the time but don’t concentrate on failure or having to do everything right. You DO NOT have to be addicted to approval.

“Rejection comes in many forms”

Rejection causes people to develop abnormal behavioral patterns. Just continue to press forward no matter what. As human beings, we look at the performance of others but the CREATOR sees our hearts. Fear is a terrible emotion but we can receive by fear as well as faith. 

“We produce what we believe”

“Expect good things not bad things”

“We hear it, but have a difficult time receiving it”

We all have imperfections and even if we were all perfect, we would still find something to complain about because at the end of the day we are not perfect. However, if you have a right heart you will always go far.

“Mistakes have value, we learn from them.”

“We crumble and feel worthless but we still have value.”

Don’t be afraid of disapproval and don’t look at people’s faces for approval or disapproval.  Just do your best no matter what because that’s all that matters in the end. Refrain from thinking bad about yourself  and what others think. You don’t have to be addicted to their approval. Stop living under condemnation or constantly living for the approval of others.

“When we accept ourselves then others will begin to accept us also. “

“If we are addicted to people’s approval, we will always experience pain.”

Normally, people usually need a reason to love and accept us. But, to overcome an addiction to approval we need to be more comfortable spiritually. Be free and secure to be yourself and remember anybody’s opinion of you is not your concern.

“Stop being against yourself.”

Resist the negative, what can people do to you? Do not fear man thoughts of you.

And remember, be careful what you say about yourself. Don’t let your decisions be influenced by others. Live your life in victory and don’t settle for anything less than that

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo

Hey Blog Readers! I am really excited about 2013 because this starts an amazing journey that you get to share with me on a positive level.

In order for me and YOU to experience peaceful and harmonious relationships we have to remember that victory over conflict and strife requires us to engage in a spiritual battle. Ephesians 6:12 says, “We are not wrestling with flesh and blood, but against the despotisms, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly sphere.

Like me, many people are experiencing the devastation of strife, but they don’t recognize it as the root cause of their problems. You have the power to say yes or no to strife and conflict this year and for the rest of your life so that it will not be difficult.

My definition of strife is a struggle of hate and fighting with bitterness and always wanting to debate and having arguments.

In 2013, strive to live in peace with everybody because in the end you will receive unmerited favor and blessings. Because strife can spread like an infection or a highly contagious disease. If you have to disagree, try to do it to agree to disagree. Not to cause arguments and confusion. Strife does not have to destroy your life especially if you are desiring to walk in victory this year. Refuse to let it fuel your life so that you can claim peace, righteousness, and joy that is rightfully yours.