Sitting here in the library working on my novel and I wanted to make a record of my process on my website. The library is closing at 6p.m. so I needed to wrap it up anyways. Man I have come a very long way from where I started as I jam to the beautiful and soulful voice of Mary J. Blige "If You Love Me" off her album Growing Pains. That's excatly what I am dealing with right now. Growing Pains. But I know I am the one for what I am doing and how far I have came. This is definetly my purpose. Jana or Ja'Mic is definently a natural at what she does. Putting her heart into everything she does when she do it. This weekend is going to be soooo much fun and I am going to be so busy you guys!But last weekend I was sick and in the bed Thursday til Monday. I had a bad cold and now I am better and performing this Saturday at Adams Park Branch Library. So much is going through my mind because I have been working on Thoughts Of A Poetic Goddess Volume 2 and it's finally here!Yep it is!So you will definently hear new poetry pieces and see me in action if your in Atlanta. 5:17p.m. to be excat and I think through my head that time sure does fly by feel like I need to be catch to slow down but time does not stop for anyone and each day that approaches I am seeing my dreams come true no matter how many ppl try to discourage me or disappoint me by shutting me out their life. It doesn't matter anymore. I speak my mind and do what I do and am passionate about. With school I have been so tied up but I luv you guys my supporters that is!With out you there would be no me!So here I am and cheers to the future.Happy Thursday yal!♥♥