Top 10 Things New Authors Need To Know To Be Successful

Princess of Literature Jana Pauldo gives you ten things all new authors should know to be successful and accomplish your goals in the industry from her experience

  10.)  Don’t get caught up in cliques and the book groups online. 
Your gift is on the inside and getting caught up in advice and not researching
information yourself will not help you. The internet is your best friend as an
author so use it to your best ability. Asking others and cliquing up with author
friends will not help you. This is a competitive business so learning on your
own is in your best interest. 

9.)  After you finish your book, the hardest part has just begun. Writing the book
was easy.

Have your shoulders back and a smile on your face because you finished your book.
That’s great! However, remember you need to do the next step. Do three drafts of
your book meaning edit your book to the best of your ability. Start outlining a
marketing plan for your book because your publisher will ask you all this. Write
your query letter and figure out the market you’re trying to target. 

8.) Be your own publicist and invest in one.  ·        
Have  faith in yourself that you can do it and you will sell your books. Make sure you
know what kind of image you want to be in the public eye. Observe other
successful authors or celebrities to figure out how you want to be out there.
This is your product so be creative with this desire that was put into you!
Selling books on just kindle doesn’t count. 

7.)  Don’t take criticism the wrong way from your publisher. 
Don’t create thick fog that could prevent you from seeing what your next steps or the
best route might be. They are there to guide you and help you and you have to be
willing to learn. Publishers see what authors can bring to the table and you
don’t want to be so stubborn you miss out on opportunities ahead. Everyone isn’t
out for you sometimes they may see something in you and want to push you to that
level of perfection. 

 6.)  Network on and offline.
You have a voice so use it! The world wouldn’t be as bright as it could be if you
don’t release the full glow of your gifts. Don’t make the mistake of comparing
yourself with other authors. Use your voice that’s why it was given to you! Talk
to yourself every day in the mirror if you are shy because selling books you
can’t be quiet or you won’t make any money or build a readership. Talk to people
and get to know them so they will know you. 

5.)  Realize your purpose isn’t about you. What is your motivation???? Motives

Early  in my career, I was focused on how awesome it would be to achieve my
goals-publishing books, making movies, and doing media interviews, speaking to
particular audiences, and making money. I learnt at a pivotal point in my life
that all my passions were placed within me and weren’t for me to become
successful but make a difference in others’ lives through my success.  Your success is not measured by
  accolades and impressive achievements. True success involves learning, growing,
  and being a vessel through which others are blessed by your unique gifts,
  talents, and experiences.

4.) Your attitude determines your altitude.  ·        
Watch what happens when you develop a positive attitude and not doing things just for
self. Use your words wisely and don’t hinder yourself from doors that can open
for you.  Be willing to learn. 

3.) Remain professional no matter what.  ·        
If you’re signed to an independent publisher, listen to them because they are the
ones who will prepare you for big time. Always remain professional in the lines
of communication. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like but it will
help you in the long run.

 2.) Have at least $2000 saved.
Being an author isn’t easy and if you’re looking to make this a career, I suggest you
save your money or even take out a loan or get a credit card. You can’t submit a
book and then think the publisher will do everything because it’s your product.
You have to remember that you need to travel, take professional pictures, and
etc. The publisher wants to know what your bringing to the table and money is
one of those things you need. 

1.) Last but not least: Enjoy yourself! Have fun.
 After all you finally finished that book right? Be motivated. Interact with readers and meet new people. Be patient because this industry is cut throat and you have to be tough but after everything enjoy doing what you love.

Good  Girl Gone Badddd 

A  Sweet and Innocent author turned Sexy and Wildddd [Coming Out My Shell]

 Miss. Badddd Azz 
I’m  officially changing everything up. Being good has been no fun for me and in this Literature industry I am realizing to get to the level I am rising to I have to be a badddd ass. I love the new Jana as every day passes all the pain has made me this way. As long as I am perfectly good at what I do that’s all that matters. 
Being soft gets you nowhere but stepped on! I have plenty of secrets and things in my life that are inspirational I just had to build my confidence and now I know I  am the shit with my pen and period. I got a banging Azz body and a cute face. My  image is on fire and now that I know this I can bring out the real me because I  was holding back. I’m sexy and I know it! What everyone else think is irrelevant cuz I bet you my writing proves that I’m Miss. Badddd Azz. As of 04.10.13 I am no longer holding anything back. I’m self- made and Princess of Lit is what I am and I wear the crown! So I’m closing chapter one in my life and starting a new one and changing for the better. 

Princess of Lit,