Hey Blog Readers! I was browsing on YouTube and decided to figure out the 411 on K. Michelle from the show Love & Hip Hop and she is so real. I love this. Her words are so true. Everyone continue to have a great day.  :)
Hey everyone I hope everyone has started the week off right. I didnt think I was going to write a blog today or be able to make it today without crying. Today it has been two years since my father passed...I never knew I could hurt so BAD until the day he passed. I know now he is in a better place that is so much better than this world. I was in a good mood today compared to Father's Day in June and last year and in 2010; the year he passed. Sometimes, it is still hard to accept that he is gone and he can't see how far I have came. Like my new book deal and my apartment and how I am doing so good for myself. No one will EVER understand how I feel.

I miss you so much daddy. We bonded instantly and clicked. I know you would be so happy and proud of your princess. No man can ever take your place and even when they think about it, I let them know my father had a part in my life and I dont need no man to fill that void. He probably wouldnt believe some of the things that have happened good and bad but I know he is smiling down on me right now. I will still talk to you before I go to sleep. I just know you are my angel and you are watching over me. I am still living and when I think about giving up I just remember that promise I made you before you died.

Your Princess