Good morning blogreaders today is an extremely blessed day for me and there are more days to come like this. Yesterday was the BIGGEST moment of my life. July 18,2012 is going down in my history book as the day my career launched. I met with my new publisher yesterday and I am pleased to say that God has blessed me with a strong, business minded individual who knows the literature industry. I was so nervous in the meeting as she told me how she likes my style of writing and that I would be the youngest author she is signing to the company. Now, I posted this on my twitter but I am  going to say it again:
Be careful what you post on these social networks because these big companies will do their research on you. Everything you post is a reflection of YOU whether you know it or not. In the meeting, they stated that they googled me and went to this website and everything. However, I already knew that. lol. As my brother sat there with me for support and I listened to her tell me all the things she has planned for me I was more in shock and beyond excited. This is going to be something big for me and something amazing for me. Now, I am not revealing the company yet but I will say that they are signing me for a three book deal & my first book under the [company] is set to release next year! The first book dropping will be, "Scared of Lonely" of course. I am so ready and if I'm not well, it's to late for all that because my name is about to be out there and my books. I will remain humble and continue to climb my way up the success ladder. I know this is a blessing because publishers do not meet with their authors unless they see something and that's excatly what this company said. My writing dreams are really becoming a reality. The vision I had for myself back in 2008 is now playing out in front of my eyes. All I can say is that is the power of MY mind and MY WORDS.

I also know as I continue to climb the ladder of life to reach my dreams, I will find that with every step comes another obstacle I must face and overcome.  Things I never imagined will try to stop me and people I thought would be happy for me will be filled with envy. But, wherever my success takes me, I'll always remember the strength and determination it took to get me there. SUCCESS IS WORTH EVERY STRUGGLE & I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS.

The office located in Buckhead where I had my first big publishing meeting. No I am not in this picture as you can see but once I sign the contract then I will take a picture in this office. Until then, I am not jinxing anything. I have came this far and just don't want ANYTHING to go wrong.

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