Hey Blog Readers! Today on my blog I am talking about being wrote off.

Sometimes when your not up to people standards they write you off and call you negative but don’t get discouraged just laugh because it was actually a victory. People may call you negative because of situations you were in and make fun of you. That was just a storm. How you respond to the storm is the other question.

People have called me crazy, tried to make their negative words about me their reality, I’ve been called slow and retarded, and all kinds of hurtful things and even told I am very ugly but those words don’t define me; Maybe them but not me. I did get discourage when told I wouldn’t rise higher but now things have shifted and a flood of God’s goodness is on it’s way in my life and I have his favor.

“My promotions and my true friends are in front me. God is releasing promises in my life that have been delayed and I have new doors opened for me with opportunity.”

I realize that I always thought I had friends but the whole time I didn’t. The only friend I ever had was God. All the friends I’ve ever had talked about and betrayed me in the end.

“Not everyone will love you the same way you love them.”

I realize that I was a very unique individual. Why? Because most of those females were playing negative roles in my life Instead of saying anything positive or being a “friend” they wrote me off. Even though I was going through a test God knew those so-called friends weren’t meant to be in my life. I complained and was down about it but I PASSED THAT TEST AND WAS NOT DEFEATED.

“Even if your family wrote you off, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had that happen to me as well but it’s not about that. God has the last say so.”

Friends can sometimes be enemies in disguised and you can also use your enemies to your advantage because that’s victory over conflict. Don’t feel bad when you find yourself realizing that people weren’t by your side like they said they would.

Most of those females have babies out of wedlock, no college education, or letting older men use them I suppose. I have PLENTY of people watching me. Why? Because when readers open my book they wont be able to close them, when people see me they are going to see an intelligent and beautiful young lady who made it through all the storms and I’ll be able to see God through my true friends.

It’s easy to talk about the problem but it’s also better to learn from those lessons if a friend did you wrong. All is well because God is my friend .

In other words when it’s time for me to have true friends then God will send them because in my darkest hours God was my only friend.

“When you get in agreement with God all things are possible.”

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo


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