Good  Girl Gone Badddd 

A  Sweet and Innocent author turned Sexy and Wildddd [Coming Out My Shell]

 Miss. Badddd Azz 
I’m  officially changing everything up. Being good has been no fun for me and in this Literature industry I am realizing to get to the level I am rising to I have to be a badddd ass. I love the new Jana as every day passes all the pain has made me this way. As long as I am perfectly good at what I do that’s all that matters. 
Being soft gets you nowhere but stepped on! I have plenty of secrets and things in my life that are inspirational I just had to build my confidence and now I know I  am the shit with my pen and period. I got a banging Azz body and a cute face. My  image is on fire and now that I know this I can bring out the real me because I  was holding back. I’m sexy and I know it! What everyone else think is irrelevant cuz I bet you my writing proves that I’m Miss. Badddd Azz. As of 04.10.13 I am no longer holding anything back. I’m self- made and Princess of Lit is what I am and I wear the crown! So I’m closing chapter one in my life and starting a new one and changing for the better. 

Princess of Lit,


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