My theme song for today is, "Scared of Lonely" by Beyonce
Hey Blogreaders!
This year is coming to an end very fast and, as you can see I have made some drastic changes to my website. If you follow me on Twitter then you know majority of these changes came from me reading this book titled, "Do Yourself A Favor...Forgive" by Joyce Meyers. I'm not going to go into to many details but lets just say since I have opened my heart up and realized that God was with me this entire time I decided to forgive those who have hurt me in the past and let it go and let God because I can do no wrong with HIM because HE is within me guiding my steps as I get closer to my destiny. I am beyond blessed and I am so thankful to have everything I have. My real mom and I our closer than ever and that's all I ever prayed for even when I let my hurt cloud my judgement.  
Now, so many things have been happening to me and my smile is so much brighter and most importantly I have a peace of mind.
I've learned in 2012 that people come into your life for reason. Maybe that reason is to help you grow but once their time is up that's it. I am thankful for the person that God sent to me through the course of this year because I know HE sent her to let me see not to be like that. No one should ever want to end up bitter, depressed, and sitting in their house talking about everyne but themselves. I was blind at first by this family member but when I got into my WORD I realized that she was only in my life for a season and I am so glad that I am the wise individual I am to see that. Sometimes, it hurts to have to depart but I promise those changes are for the better when you get away from negative people. 2012 I learned and I became mature and there are still some areas I can work on but I am glad I took the first step and forgave and I asked for forgiveness to anyone I ever hurt. Not forgiving someone can make you dark. Trust me, I seen the effects even when I thought this person and I were close. Well, not forgiving someone is not good. It's polluting your own heart and mind. When you dont forgive you can't have peace and it does not matter what people see on the outside because sooner or later it will start showing how unhappy you are on the inside. I thank God that I was able to forgive because it was really holding me back.

The Princess of Literature,
Jana Nicole

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