Hey Blog Readers! I hope everyone is enjoying their week! Today is the first day of summer. Wow! I feel like I am living in a maze. Why? Because my life is constantly going around and around and showing me different things. I am being enlightened each day. Time is everything to me. Today I am addressing the fact that when people think things are a joke and they constantly keep testing you trying to push your buttons and as soon as you retaliate and get even then they want you to stop. They want to make it seem like everything is your fault when in fact, they are the ones detached from REALITY. Last night I recieved an email which was very NEGATIVE. I found myself laughing because even though I am FED up, I am definently becoming stronger because I have kept my head up after everything. I have come so far and have remained positive no matter what and how bad they want to see me down. It is not happening. It's so funny after trying so many years with so one and they wont nothing to do with you and now the tables turned and now they want to threaten for slander and cry out to you and you just don't care. Why? Because you have closed that chapter in your life and realize you want to accept it for what it is. I am not scared of anything that comes my way I have finally got over my fear and I am standing tall and standing up for myself. Regardless of the situation, I speak the truth and facts and let my fans know what is going on with me. Eveything is perfectly fine in my life but when you hurt people for no reason there's something by the name of Karma that will sneak up on you and you never see it coming.
Continue to have a bless week everyone!


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