Learn The Hard Way [A Look Into My Novel] Scared of Lonely

¯¯My theme song for today is, “We All Want Love” By Rihanna ¯¯

I once heard a quote that said, “You Don’t Know Nothing Unless You Were There.”

#humble #thankful #blessed is what I always am. So, today on my blog I am talking about my book a little and the message.
 No one on this Earth should judge or criticize anyone because no one has a HALO on their head. However, if a story could help someone and lift them up in a positive way then I recommend it. I wrote Scared of Lonely back in the spring of 2012. I was rejected by three publishing houses before I signed to Delphine Publications. We all want and strive for something. Mine was to get a book deal. Not only did I get blessed in that area but I also was blessed in other areas. But the gift that I have really been blessed with is writing.

I’ve learned from just openly writing no matter what I write I will always receive criticism or questions like other writers might get of if this is true or that is true. Do I care about what they think? No. I listened to Joyce Meyers and she said because of some things she talked about she was accused of saying she was without sin. Now imagine if she would have just gave up because she listened to what everyone said about what she wrote to help others. Hmmmm… I don’t think she would be the Joyce she is today. I admire her on so many levels.

Everyone isn’t going to agree with every decision you make or what you decide to put out there to the world but it isn’t up to them. Not your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle or cousin. As long as it makes {Insert Name Here} happy that is all that matters. We always tend to do what we feel and that isn’t always a good thing because it could be a wrong behavior but if you know in your heart that what you was doing was not to start any mess then that is all that matters. You want to enjoy your success but success always comes with that bitterness we all want to avoid. People are always going to look at the bad no matter how much good comes with it and I just learned that the wiser and older I get.

Now on another positive note, lets talk about my upcoming novel Scared of Lonely!

Is love really for those willing to fight on the battlefield ready for war at any time?

In the story, Sharise Watkins learns the hard way about being in a relationship with her half-brother. She claims it’s where her heart is suppose to be. It’s her brother so she’s with it. Sharise knows in her mind it isn’t right but she continues to love her brother pass sisterly love no matter how bad it tears her up…

Sharise lacked love and because she did she had NOTHING. She lacked love for her daughter and neglected her. Something rooted deep down in her caused her to be in a battle with blind love that wasn’t unconditional even though she thought it was the right kind of love. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone or learn how to love the right way.

Everyone wants love in some kind of way. But Sharise suffered because she had no happiness and was miserable.

However, you reap what you sow especially if it isn’t right in God’s eyes and trust me it comes right back around for Sharise.

I continuously get asked are my stories based on real life.

How else will writers become aspired to write? This is reality and that’s all I know. But I have a big imagination and I love to entertain so that’s all that matters is that my readers get a good story delivered to them and that I am happy with the finish product before it gets out. But to answer the question, no it’s not real. LoL. No one is in my mind but me so as Joyce Meyers said it does not matter what anyone thinks because you cannot be a people pleaser or you will definitely end up being miserable because people will always be critical.

“I always have a concept of reality.”

Is this book a series?

Scared of Lonely isn’t part of a series. I try not to write to be continued books. I want to venture off and experience with other characters not the same ones redundantly all the time so no there will be no other continuation to this story.

In Scared of Lonely we learn that love is painful and I am not talking about being in relationships. This story deals with family, children, and a girl who is dying to be loved by a man that she is willing to settle to be with her brother. 

What exactly is a negative story? No one story is positive or perfect. People have to stop being hypocritical because I gurantee if you share your own story it wasn’t always positive even if there was a BIG blessing in the end or after the storm, Where did you start to get to where you at and what God blessed you with? Don’t boast because just as God give He can also taketh away. And if your with the Bible then just look at some of those stories in there God gave to people to write. Now ask yourself, didn’t you learn from the negative and the positive. 

Scared of Lonely coming 03.12.13

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo


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