May 11, 2012 


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It’s  finally Friday blog readers and I hope everyone is starting the weekend in an  amazing and fun yet safe way. I cannot wait to see what the weekend brings my  way.  So I think by now everyone  knows my favorite place in the world is [The Library] because I am always  announcing it on Twitter if you follow me (@nicoleafterjana). I started reading  Dr. Phil’s book,“Self Matters: Creating Your Life From the Inside Out” this book  is so truthful and inspiring. I am now on Chapter 3 so as I continue in the book  I will write an update every day. 

For  chapter 1 and chapter 2, Dr. Phil talks about doing what YOU want to do and  living the life that YOU want to live and not living it for others because when  we do that we become miserable. It’s like are we living or just existing.
Everyone wants to live and some people just go through the motions; and that’s
not living at ALL. If you are going through the motions, you are just selling
yourself short and not living with passion and fire of what you desire the most.
Don’t be controlled by what is expected of you.  Ask  yourself, Is what you doing everyday what you’re living for? Are you fulfilling  your purpose for being on this earth?  Once you stop living that incongruent life and start to hear your own voice, your own  needs, your experience of life will change monumentally. Don’t allow room for  fear and anxiety. Do not fear living the life you want. It is you that matters at the end of the day and that is not being said in a selfish way but in a  confident way. GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT.  “If  you have no purpose, you have no passion. If you have no passion, you have sold  yourself out” 
Within all of us there are passions that, if acknowledged and  released, will energize and excite the experience of life. There is a whole  other level of existence, distinct from what you do that is the real you and the  substance of who you are.  It is  your authentic self.  Your  authentic self is the person that can be found at your absolute core. The person  you were made to be and want to be that doesn’t cater to anyone else or pays  attention to the next persons thoughts because it does not matter. It’s about  you.  I promise if you get this book and just from reading the first  two chapters you will not be able to put it down especially if your looking for  a change and want the life that you can create and have. Time is everything so I  suggest you get on it.  I know some people that are in their late 20’s early 30’s who  have done NOTHING with their life and just talk about what they are going to do  thinking something is going to eventually fly down from the sky and say, “Hey I  am going to give you everything you want and you don’t have to work one day for
it because you’re not even doing that now.” Well, life does not work like that.
Or those family members who think that one talented {individual} in their family
who has passion for their gift and plans on making it big one day is going to
look out for them. It definitely does not work that way either. Have your own
success and find what you want to do instead of waiting on the next person or
being a copycat and fictional person. It’s not being sarcastic or anything
because I’ll tell you right now if my books become best sellers and turn into
movies .  I leave with this: “Unlock your true passion, strengths, gifts,
and talents.” Trust me it is possible.  I definitely don’t want to be like some people at the age of 28  or 30 living at home with my mom wasting time or tweeting on twitter or updating  a Facebook yet I am not doing anything in my own life. I am talking about the  real world not the computer life.  Get busy living life.

One love,

Jana Nicole

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