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♫♪My theme song for today is, “Avalanche” By Marie  Digby♫♪


 ♥So you guys know I am a HUGE FAN of Japanese music and their
culture. Why? I think it’s more because I love to read their books. (They read
them backwards)  I also like their  TV shows as well and movies. So I was searching for a Pandora station with Japanese music and finally found one.  Now, I am trying to learn a little
Japanese and will update my progress on here about that.♥ 
These past couple of weeks has been very awesome and
entertaining! ☺☺

I have been enjoying my break from college and meeting new
people. I have come a very long way from being shy and anti-social. I think it
was more of I hated that people teased me for the way I talk or me being a
different and unique individual but now as I grow each day I realize that is
just me and I can only be me. 

So I’ve been telling my mother for a couple weeks now I am
confused about a lot of things in life. Like school, work, and who I am. School
because I honestly need a break and I need a break because I have been going for
16 years and I am tired. Work because I have been surrounded by so many negative
people and I really want to self-publish until I eventually get a book deal that
I want. It’s so frustrating when I have people telling me things and it is not
in a positive way. I decided that I don’t want a mentor or anything like that
& I’m just going to do what is best for Jana. 

Every now and then I’ll share what is up in my personal life.
Well, I meant someone and we are friends right now but I really am feeling him.
So blog readers you have to help me out with this. So, we’ve been spending time
with each other and taking things slowly and I actually like it. He is from
London, England and he is really hot. If we ever become a couple I will post
pictures until then it’s on the hush.Just know he is completely my type and I am officially fu****
with a boss. Lol.

I’ve had my fun these last couple weeks so now it’s time to get
back to work on, “China White: The Story of Jani Nicola Pauldin” This is my
bullying story and my experience with bullying and how it has affected me from
the past and now the present. So I will let you guys know when it is completed
and post three sample chapters.

Until next time stay blessed and remember, “Life is about making
mistakes, just don’t make a habit of making the same ones over.” 
Jana Pauldo

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