This is for the ones who feel like nobody and the ones who were abandoned.

Who I Am?

There was a plan in my pain.

I was once a victim of being bullied. Every single year in school and I was also the black sheep in my family. Mental abuse shattered my life. But I am healed now. I use to think life was worthless but I know I am not here by mistake. Why I felt worthless? When I felt worthless it was because I was teased so bad and done wrong by many. I cried and cried but now it all worked for my good. I look at the same people who judged me or talked about me and realize how bless I am. God saved me with his grace and by FAITH I am still here. I dreaded going to school every single day and I didn’t have any friends. I felt so alone. I always thought maybe something was wrong with me but I know it wasn’t me. I have an amazing talent that MANY are not blessed with. I am letting go of the pain because it’s more to me than what the eyes can see. Words truly do hurt especially when it comes from those closest to you.

But I have to realize people are stuck in their situations for a reason and I have to just keep looking above and thanking the ALL for all he has done for me. For keeping my mind. For reminding me that I have a purpose. I know I am unique in my own way. I always felt like I was different from others and maybe that’s why I was picked on so bad. It’s nothing wrong with me at all. I have so much passion for everything I do and Ive always kept myself together over the years even when I was abandoned.

Now I am on my way to who I am supposed to be and I am still being changed and I wouldn’t ask for it any kind of way. Compared to others I am winning.

Just like YOU, I have been talked about and mentally abused to the point where I would have rathered died but don’t give up. I have been where you at. Whether it’s friends, family, relationship issues, you will get through it. Just keep focus and I promise you will come out a survivor and a winner.

I am so far from perfect but I know I am not here by mistake.

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo



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