Hey you guys! I know it's like 12:16 in the morning but I am on my grind writing this story. I am absolutely loving the characters I created in this story and my test readers are really on point! Shoutout to my test readers! I will make them unknown until it's time for thank you's in my actual book.lol. I decided to take a break and write on my blog. I'm listening to Pink's "I'm Not Dead" album. This album is definently on point. Not to mention my phone is blowing up in text and calls. People never call or text when you want them to but as soon as you doing something it becomes a hotline.
Some exciting news today! I am like halfway from 800 hits on my website! I thank you guys so much! Even if you just come thru to listen to the music or just my blogs. I love every single one of you for supporting me and my writing and everything I am trying to do. A lot of things I am going to start working on. I am going to start my "One Book Keeps A Child Reading" campaign again. The link will def be on my website and also my adoption campagin. Adoption because it is something I want to do in the near future. So make sure you guys look out for that sometime this week.
Everyone have a safe night and happy hump day!

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