So if you know me you know I’m not into the reality shows. I’m not about to explain in details why I am just not. But that girl K. Michelle is my new chick! Of course I am still Mary J. Blige’s number fan and will ALWAYS be but K. Michelle and her story is not similar to mine but when it comes to the entertainment field and contracts and our talents, yeah I can def relate.

I’ve read the blogs and surprisingly when I didn’t have nothing else to do tuned in to the reunion one day when I was at home and maybe I’m the only one but I can’t stand Rasheeda because she is DEFINELTLY OLD NEWS. Last time I heard her on a track was when female groups were relevant and the group at the time was CHERISH.LOL.

So K. Michelle album is going to drop summer 2013 and I cannot wait because her album is going to be the first I will buy since…..I don’t even want to say it. Lol. I hope she gets the respect she deserves. I honestly believe in her story.

Until next time!

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo


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