Never in my twenty-four years of living have I seeked God more than now. I pray and talk to HIM everyday because I know when I have my conversations with HIM they are heard clear without being cut off.
Last night, I prayed that God keep me and my family safe from the evils of this world. I also prayed for the familes in Conneticut and from the shooting at the mall in Oregon. There are some sick people in this world. However, it isnt them as a person but a spirit that takes over them. In this day and time you just never know. I just prayed that God be with all those people and their families in their time of pain.
If this world is really going in the direction I think it is, I want to make sure I tell my love ones I love them every single day because tomorrow is not promised for anyone. Not that we have to worry because everyone experiences death. We all will die one day. So what I mean is that we should live like it is the last day. I want to live without regrets and stand for something. I dont want my mind to go to waste.
As both these tragedies weighed heavy on my mind I realize how precious life is. Tears could only fill my eyes as I thought about children who are not only precious but innocent.[MOMENT OF SILENCE] It is just sad. My heart is heavy as we figure out where this world is heading I want to make sure I do my part to make this world a better place.


The Princess of Literature,
Jana Nicole Pauldo


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