"If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome."
 Michael Jordan

“Fear of Rejection”

What is the foundation of security? A sense of security is something everyone needs and desires. Security enables you to enjoy healthy thinking and living. It means you feel safe, accepted, and approved of. When we are secure we approve of ourselves. We have confidence and we love ourselves in a balance way.  

If we are confident in our self we don’t need the approval of others. Security enables us to reach the max of our full potential and fulfill our destiny we were placed here for. The lack of self-confidence torments us. We must also know that we are not perfect.

“I am valuable only to myself and not by others opinions.”

Don’t walk around feeling like you’re not where you should be. Insecurities stem from looking at our weaknesses. You want to enjoy your life and that begins with accepting who you are. No, we will not behave perfect all the time but don’t concentrate on failure or having to do everything right. You DO NOT have to be addicted to approval.

“Rejection comes in many forms”

Rejection causes people to develop abnormal behavioral patterns. Just continue to press forward no matter what. As human beings, we look at the performance of others but the CREATOR sees our hearts. Fear is a terrible emotion but we can receive by fear as well as faith. 

“We produce what we believe”

“Expect good things not bad things”

“We hear it, but have a difficult time receiving it”

We all have imperfections and even if we were all perfect, we would still find something to complain about because at the end of the day we are not perfect. However, if you have a right heart you will always go far.

“Mistakes have value, we learn from them.”

“We crumble and feel worthless but we still have value.”

Don’t be afraid of disapproval and don’t look at people’s faces for approval or disapproval.  Just do your best no matter what because that’s all that matters in the end. Refrain from thinking bad about yourself  and what others think. You don’t have to be addicted to their approval. Stop living under condemnation or constantly living for the approval of others.

“When we accept ourselves then others will begin to accept us also. “

“If we are addicted to people’s approval, we will always experience pain.”

Normally, people usually need a reason to love and accept us. But, to overcome an addiction to approval we need to be more comfortable spiritually. Be free and secure to be yourself and remember anybody’s opinion of you is not your concern.

“Stop being against yourself.”

Resist the negative, what can people do to you? Do not fear man thoughts of you.

And remember, be careful what you say about yourself. Don’t let your decisions be influenced by others. Live your life in victory and don’t settle for anything less than that

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo


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