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“With royalty, you have power. Being a boss is just a label. I want that supreme status. A mark that can’t be erased."

Today on my blog I am talking about reigning in supreme and being royalty status.

To many people in the 21st Century today take the title of “boss” which doesn’t even require a college education. To be honest, all you need is like an estimate of $200 to get a business licenses so [anyone] can do that. However, everyone doesn’t live out their royal purpose and become supreme like they are meant to.

“I rather reign in royalty then be a boss any day.”

Some bosses have their own business license, run their own business but their attitude suck. They are FAR from organized and that’s VERY important if you [claiming]  a seat that has so many responsibilities.

Another thing about the status of a boss is don’t make suggestions to someone or state your opinion if your so-called boss status can’t do anything about it. Because I’ve honestly never heard of a broke boss. Everyone is entitled to their opinion true enough but as a boss you shouldn’t forget where you came from. Whether dealing with their image or anything your attitude determines your altitude and if I had my own business I don’t just want to be paying taxe. I have an elite and large amount of class so I want my business to be apart of stocks and international. I don’t want to have a business for example that was established in 2007 and repeating history and that could have a lot to do with attitude. You don’t want to be surviving off your boss status you want to thrive if a boss is what you chose to be. To many people settle for [mediocrity].

Some people like myself have no true interest in being a boss but I am good at observing the ethics and professionalism of some bosses and you don’t want to be the type of boss that people use to get to where they trying to be. However, sometimes you do have to fake it til you make it. When you don’t do things right, things start falling apart. It’s one thing to be in a high chair helping others but if people you have helped don’t give you any kind of credit after they get to where they going that you should tell you something

Also, a boss shouldn’t have to continuously remind people of their status. Their actions and work will be speak for itself.

Don’t give nobody’s opinion of you or what they think of your “image” power. It’s not about beauty. It’s about being fancy and having that confident mentality. Some people struggled with weight issues, relationships, and self-esteem so when they get to where they have some form of status they feel they can bring others down and judge them when their inside is more of a turn off then their outside which is far from perfect to. They claiming their bosses but not sporting anything such as BEBE, CHANEL, VUITTON, KENNETH COLE, OR LIZ CLARIBORN. It’s a difference between a boss and having class. And that’s why I’m saying being supreme is better then the label of a boss. If a boss has had a negative opinion about you, forget their status and opinion of you. Bosses should NEVER have to watch others close or google them especially if they have business minded things to do. But some people have their priorities out of order.

Don’t be that person who sits on a high horse and act like they cant be brought down because someone will eventually call you out on your unorganized and unprofessional mess.

I’ve always considered myself of royalty. I knew I was supposed to reign in life and Ive always held the status of Princess. I knew I was met to be a princess in something I did. So, in 2008 I started speaking it into existence that I was The Princess of Literature. That was [my] thing. God knew I had a purpose. I started declaring in 2008 I would be a legacgy and leave a mark that cant be erased. I will reign in my life because roal blood flows through my veins Reign means to have time in power and the Creator gives us this life and were suppose to reign as long as were alive. With supreme status you can reign every single day. You don’t need a title like bosses do. lol. Reigning in power means you can rise to new levels to accomplish great things. You don’t need to brand an image on the outside if you possess greatness on the inside. That’s where a lot of people get confused. If you have a supreme mentality you already have a brand. Why? Because you can walk like royalty, talk like royalty, think like royalty, dress like royalty, and most importantly smile like royalty.

For example, most people always “assume” I am quiet but I learned in the 48 Laws of Power to never show too much of yourself to others and it actually works. Because I learned that by doing that and trying to get ahead you learn others.

Remember, never settle where you at. Don’t be the person living below your privileges. You were meant to be supreme and royal. Declare and speak into existence to have power and put that energy out their every single day.

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo

“I have the kind of mentality that makes a basic person bitter.”



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