From Joel Osteen book, “I Declare 31 Promises To Speak Over Your Life”

I DECLARE God’s dream for my life is coming to pass. It will not be stopped by people, disappointments, or adversities. God has solutions to every problem I will ever face already lined up. The right people and the right breaks are in my future. I will fulfill my destiny. This is my declaration.

Today I am going to talk about being beautiful and having confidence. I have to always remember words have power and you have to ignore those thoughts that try to ruin you. People are always telling me to smile because I am beautiful. And, I also want to encourage those reading this to smile because you have to learn to love yourself and you will never go wrong. That’s what I am learning. I have to appreciate my flaws before I can get them fix. Even if I don’t feel pretty I cannot speak that into existence because then I will be ugly because I spoke that over my life. I had to realize that words I say are being prophesized into my future. You will eat the fruit of your words and you have to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.

Beauty to me is more than just looks and confidence. Beauty is also personality, uniqueness, and intelligence.

I am beautiful because I know I was chosen and have a purpose to fulfill. I know the things I want out of life and what I want and I know I can get it. So today I am declaring life over everything I desire.

The Princess of Literature,

Jana Nicole Pauldo


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